Fi Great Resignation

Great Resignation: Are you CHARMing your employees?

Rise to the challenge of #TheGreatResignation by CHARM-ing your people.

More than 15-million people have quit their jobs since April 2021, and there’s no way of knowing if this the exodus is temporary – or a long term shift in how people manage their careers.

Organizations can take control, however, by understanding why employees are leaving and taking measures to not only retain talent, but also attract and develop new and future leaders.

Do you know why your employees are leaving? Do you know where they’re going?

Employees exiting companies are citing a smorgasbord of culture-related reasons from toxic leadership and stifled growth opportunities to poor communication and lack of vision.

So, either the culture organizations thought they had pre-pandemic wasn’t truly aligned with their people’s values, or the pandemic has created a situation in which their people’s values are shifting.

Are you CHARM-ing your employees?

However, understanding the “why” behind the exit is only part of the battle; employers must be able to swiftly enact CHARM-ing strategies to attract, retain, and develop their workforce.

Committing to your vision and ensuring your culture aligns with the company’s values as well as the type of person you seek to employ.

Helping your leaders navigate the changing scope of work and equipping them with the tools and resources needed to inspire, coach, and develop their teams. And helping your employees manage competing priorities, their growth, and outside factors that can cause stress.

Attracting the best talent by partnering with your HR teams to maximize results in recruiting. Focus on the type of person you want to employ and what they want in an employer. When you identify those qualities, use them as the foundation for your recruiting strategy.

Re-recruiting your good people! Retaining key talent needs to be done with the same energy that you invested in recruiting that talent in the first place.

Motivating your people by taking the time to know what’s going on in their work and personal lives and offer support. Take care of work-life balance and recognize your people’s achievements. People become most motivated when their leader shows interest in their whole lives and not just work output.

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