Fi Zoom Fatigue

Cameras On Vs. Cameras Off: The Rise of Zoom Fatigue

Zoom Fatigue refers to feelings of tiredness, worry or burnout due to the overuse of video calling platforms. To help […]
Fi Coach Mentor Balance

Finding the Balance Between Coaching and Mentoring

As coaching continues to grow and many organizations are increasingly happy to invest in bringing in external coaches, the reach […]
Fi Quiet Hiring

‘Quiet’ This, ‘Quiet’ That: Is it Time to Stop Being so Quiet?

There has been a bit of a theme emerging in the world of work. First it was the ‘quiet quitting’ phenomenon that […]
Fi Compensation Iq

Improving Compensation IQ to Win Over Talent in 2023

As we enter the new year, many employers are conducting end of year pay reviews for their employees. This year’s […]
Fi Chief Remote Officer

Is 2023 the Year of the Chief Remote Officer?

With the pandemic altering the fundamental structure of work, many employers have been wading through several stages of grief as […]
Fi Metaverse

Is the Metaverse a Solution Looking for a Problem?

Recently, Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg laid off more than 11,000 employees due to a drop in profits, and this saw shares in […]
Fi Cybernese

Can You Speak ‘Cybernese’?

If you are thinking ‘what on earth is Cybernese?’ you may be surprised to discover that it is a rapidly […]
Fi Imposter Syndrome

The Trials and Tribulations of Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome has sadly been a popular term going around recently. After having to navigate working through a pandemic and […]
Fi Surprises In 2023

What’s Going to ‘Surprise’ Us in 2023 that We Already Half Know?

As we venture into this new year, none of us can be sure what the future holds. However, with ‘unprecedented’ […]
Fi 1 2023 Countdown Leave Behind 2

What Should Employers Leave in 2022?  

2022 was yet another memorable addition to the 21st century’s ‘roaring twenties’.   With the working world still adapting to the changes […]
Fi 1 2023 Countdown Solstice 2

The Flip Side: How Employers can Effectively Implement Change

Today is the Winter Solstice – the longest day and the official start of the coldest season of the year. So, would […]
Fi 1 2023 Countdown Digital 2

It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like…Digital Skills are Becoming a Necessity

For many around the world the festive season is upon us once again – a time of celebration, family gatherings […]
Fi 1 2023 Countdown Blues 2

New Year, New Thinking: The Value of Leaders Creating a New Year ‘Reset’ to Avoid ‘Blue Monday’

Creating the conditions which enable employees to be engaged and motivated should be a top priority for employers. Gallup’s State of […]
Fi 1 Countdown Bonuses 2

How to give a Holiday Bonus on a Budget

The holiday bonus is carrying a lot more weight this year. With financial concerns at an all-time high, many employees […]
Fi 1 Countdown Staff Party 2

Getting Jolly With It: Top Tips for Employers Hosting a Holiday Staff Party

As the festive season settles, whispers of the staff holiday party will begin to circulate. A tradition amongst many companies, […]
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