Fi Graduate Path

Guiding Students after Graduation

Before you know it, graduation will be approaching. Many of those graduating may not have their first job prospects leaving them feeling anxious as their peers will begin the workforce right after. What do you suggest to your upcoming graduate? Is there an approach you can take? What if you say something wrong to them and they don’t listen to what you have to say? All of these questions are lingering in a parent’s mind around graduation time. Not only for those that do not have a future job prospect, but it is also a question in parents minds for those that do. You hope your child makes the right decision about their career choice. You want your child to be happy about the career they choose and the place of employment. Simply put, you want your child to succeed!

Millennials are procrastinators when it comes to looking ahead in life after college or university. They spend a large amount of time studying, building a relationship and networking with friends that they do not focus on finding a job or career after graduation. They worry about receiving the wrong information from parents who have been in the same job for many years. Not to mention the building anxiety of wanting to succeed and do good things in the world is still hovering over their head.

Chief People Officers (CPOs) are a good resource for setting your child up for success. CPOs know the current trends facing the workplace and what steps a graduate will need to take in order to be successful. Acting as mentors to their current workforce, they tailor their thoughts and speaking capabilities to various groups as we live in a diverse world. This is vital for graduates to understand in order to present themselves well to prospective employers and also guides them to make the right choice that aligns with their values.

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