Fi Pride Month

Celebrating Pride Month in the Workplace

With June comes the promise of sunshine (if you are situated over in the Northern hemisphere, that is), the longest day of the year, and, of course, international Pride Month!

As we all know, Pride is a celebration of inclusivity, aiming to recognise and celebrate all members of the LGBTQ+ community. In this month, it is important for employers to be demonstrating their support for this cause. Not only does it reinforce their stance as an ally to their LGBTQ+ employees, but it also offers opportunities for innovation and expansion into untapped markets.

It is proven that diverse teams are 70% more likely to capture and penetrate new markets. This is not surprising when you look at the current generation of consumers; they are significantly more morally conscious, and so will be much more likely to support companies whose social agenda aligns with their own.

So, how can employers celebrate Pride in the workplace?

  • Inclusion Workshop/Training – Pride is the perfect time for employers to arrange inclusion workshops around LGBTQ+ topics to ensure everyone on the team knows how to make their queer colleagues feel accepted at work. They are also a great tool for tackling unconscious bias; although everyone in a company might be supportive of gay rights, many may be unaware of internal biases that have come about through systemic homophobia and transphobia. Having workshops to discuss and reflect on these issues are a powerful way of creating an inclusive workplace culture.
  • Organizing a Fundraiser – this is a great way to demonstrate commitment to the cause. Many employers will no doubt give their logos a dash of rainbow throughout the month of June, which is a fantastic gesture, but it can also seem tokenistic. To avoid that, follow this with some good old fashioned corporate social responsibility by organizing a fundraiser to raise money for fantastic LGBTQ+ charities such as Stonewall and MindOut.
  • Flexibility for Pride Events – another way for employers to show support for Pride Month is by being particularly flexible in June to allow employees to attend some Pride events (such as processions). Certain members of staff may feel very passionate about getting to raise awareness for Pride, and so employers who can be flexible to these needs are going to be the most attractive.
  • Refresh Discrimination and Diversity Policies – All organizations will have policies around having a diverse workforce and not discriminating towards anyone, but these are policies that should be continually reviewed. The boundaries of acceptability are always shifting, and so with this comes the need to be diligently reviewing and refreshing current policies to ensure that they are reflective of your company’s values and beliefs.
  • Get Colorful – Bringing a little color to your office (or your Zoom backgrounds for those remote workers!) is always a nice way of brightening up a space, as well as showing support for those LGBTQ+ members of staff.

Employers who make this conscious effort to truly highlight their support during Pride Month are creating a space for openness and honesty. A positive working environment allows employees to bring more of themselves to their job, which leads to opportunities for innovation and diverse thinking.

If you would like to discuss inclusion workshops, training and/or policy reviews to help you unlock the power of diversity and inclusion, please get in touch with us!

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