Fi 1 Middle Managers 1

How to Retain Middle Management and Grow Their Skills: Part 1

by Gary Payne, Robert Satterwhite, and Ann Wheeler Employee retention is a hot topic for 2023. As economic instability continues, organizations […]
Fi 1 Diversity 3

Harnessing the Power of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

In discussing the current diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) agenda with thought leaders from the US and the UK, we […]
Fi 1 Diversity 2

What Role does Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Play for the US Employer?

To gain insight on the role Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) currently plays for US employers, we spoke with Conrad […]
Fi 1 Diversity 1

What Role can Diversity and Inclusion Play in Navigating the Current UK Climate?

Recently, Sue Johnson, Managing Partner for Inclusion & Diversity Consulting at Odgers Berndston, and OrgShakers’ Partner Therese Procter met to […]
Fi 1 Desk Bomb

What are Lockdown Legacy Behaviors?

Since being free of the pandemic’s grip, there has been a noticeable change in our approach to many things – […]
Fi 1 Incentive

Rewards Vs Punishments: Which Way Should Leaders Sway?

Optimizing the performance of teams and individuals is one of the biggest challenges any leader faces. And it comes down […]
Fi 1 Roadblocks 2

How to Overcome the Roadblocks of New Executive Integration: Part 2

To help mitigate the risks of executive derailment in the early stages of executive integration, there are four strategies we […]
Fi 1 Roadblocks

How to Overcome the Roadblocks of New Executive Integration: Part 1

Shortly after starting a new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) role, preceded by an impeccable 20-year career in finance, Peter was […]
Fi 1 Creative Remote Working

Shaking Things Up: Getting Creative with Remote Working

Remote work seems to be here to stay. And if that is the case, then so are the burgeoning social […]
Fi 1 Virtual Presenteeism

Virtual Presenteeism in the Metaverse

The mass adoption of remote and hybrid working has brought with it concerns around a loss of company culture, a […]
Fi 1 Time Flies

Time Flies: How Executives Can Get the Most out of their Minutes

As an executive or leader, time is the most valuable commodity, and yet it is in a fixed supply. While […]
Fi 1 Multigenerational

Benefits Through the Ages: What Each Generation Values Most

Benefit programs play a pivotal role in attracting and retaining talent – but how can you ensure that your benefits […]
Fi 1 Tightrope

Walking the Tightrope: How Can HR Find a Balance Between Employer and Employee Needs?

HR teams can find themselves in a crossfire between employer and employee. At first blush, the HR department recruits, enables, […]
Fi 1 World Menopause Day

Celebrating World Menopause Day in HR

I found myself smiling recently as my lovely mum, Nora – who is 84 – declared her absolute exasperation that […]
Fi 1 Power Skills

Are Power Skills the Key to Gen Z?

With a post-pandemic wellbeing mindset on the rise, as well as the influx of Generation Z into the workforce, many are […]
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