Fi Optimizing Hiring

It’s a Date! Optimizing Your Recruitment Process to Attract the Best Talent

The effectiveness of an employer’s hiring process is often overlooked. And yet, this is the first real interaction a potential […]
Fi World Breastfeeding Week

Why Employers Should Be Challenging the Stigma of Breastfeeding at Work

With today marking the start of World Breastfeeding Week, now is the time that organizations should be ensuring they are […]
Fi Friends At Work

How Important is Friendship in the Workplace?

Workplace friendships can be joyous, enduring relationships contributing to personal and professional success. It’s how we manage them that matter. […]
Fi Productive Thinking

The Relationship Between Pressure and Productive Thinking

If you’re anything like the famous Mathematician Archimedes, you might find that you do some of your best brainstorming in […]
Fi Youth Skills Day

Why Employers Should Be Focused on Upskilling Younger Workers

As the workplace landscape continues to evolve in the digital era, a focus on learning and development is now more […]
Fi Productivity Paranoia

How Can Employers Shake Productivity Paranoia?

Hybrid and remote work have been the talk of the town the last few years. This highly successful alternative work […]
Fi Boomerang

Out With the Old, in With the Old: What Employers Need to Consider When Hiring a Boomerang Employee

Now, I’m sure we have all been guilty of talking to an ex before. The two of you have history, […]
Fi Dissent

Employers Should Be Encouraging Dissent, and Here’s Why

Dissent in the workplace is a delicate thing. Challenging the status quo can be seen as a rebellious and necessary […]
Fi 4 Hustle Vs Happiness

Hustle Vs. Happiness: Can Employees Have It All?

‘Hustle culture’ is a buzzword that’s become quite popular over the last year. With some dubbing it as ‘burnout culture’, […]
Fi 4 Ratatouille

Is the Key to Higher Engagement ‘Making Very Gooey Ratatouille’?

If you’re wondering what ratatouille has to do with employee engagement, here’s an alarming statistic … in their State of the […]
Fi No Shows

Interview No-Shows: How Employers Can Avoid Being Ghosted

There’s no sting quite like being stood up. After exchanging various messages, scheduling in a date, and rigorously readying yourself […]
Fi Mens Health Week

Eradicating the Taboos of Men’s Health at Work

After discussing the taboos of women’s health in the workplace for Women’s Health Week last month, I wanted to highlight the many […]
Fi Loneliness At Work

What Can Employers Do to Tackle Feelings of Loneliness?

When I left the corporate world and started my own HR Consultancy, I had to adjust from being part of […]
Fi 4 Working Carer

Working Carers: The Employees Who Live a Double Life

Many workers are leading a double life that employers may not even know about. Harvard Business School Professor Joseph Fuller […]
Fi 4 Ripple Effect

Navigating the Murky Waters of Layoffs and Their Ripple Effects

Looming fears of a recession, as well as the effects from record high inflation rates, have seen a surge in layoffs over the […]
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