Fi Procrastination

How Should Employers Respond to Employee Procrastination?

From time to time, I’m sure all of us have been guilty of procrastinating. And if it is something that […]
Fi Neurodiversity

Moving Beyond the Norm: Neurodiversity at Work

Work can be an intimidating and frustrating experience for neurodivergent individuals, as they can struggle to fit in with coworkers […]
Fi Equal Pay

Equal Pay Vs. Equitable Pay: What Do Employers Need to Know?

Equal Pay Day comes around every year to shed light on the fact that pay disparities are still very much […]
Fi Gut Health

‘Go With Your Gut’: How Physical and Mental Wellbeing are Impacted by What We Eat and Drink

Nutrition and Hydration Week is an important reminder that what we eat and drink play a huge part in both […]
Fi Internship

Looking for Fresh Talent? Here’s Why Offering an Internship is a Great Option!

The skills shortage is becoming an increasing concern amongst many organizations. Recent data from McKinsey has found that 87% of companies either […]
Fi Eating Disorder

Challenging the Taboos Around Eating Disorders in the Workplace

Eating disorders can be a very taboo topic that have a lot of incorrect connotations, and because of this, many […]
Fi Fairytales

Once Upon a Time in HR…

By Brittany Burton and Victoria Sprenger Once upon a time, three young women found themselves struggling at work. Tired, isolated, […]
Fi Napping

Rise and Grind: Should Napping at Work be a Wellbeing Strategy?

Napping at work is not a new phenomenon. 42.7% of US employees have admitted that they regularly nap at work, and […]
Fi Talk About Time

Employers! It’s Time to Talk About Time

Time and time again, the hours in the day can prove to be elusive. Many of us may find ourselves […]
Fi Dissociation

Is Dissociation at Work on the Rise?

Dissociation is a way the mind copes with stress – and it is a way more common problem than most […]
Fi Flying Blind

Are Employers Flying Blind When it Comes to Mental Health?

Recently, I was out with a friend, and she mentioned how she hadn’t been into work that day. I asked […]
Fi Laughter Padding

Are Managers Undermining Themselves by Laughter Padding?

Managers who know when to have a laugh and not take themselves too seriously tend to be some of the […]
Fi Non Compete

No More Non-Competes? This is Why Employers Shouldn’t Panic

At the beginning of January, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) proposed a new law that would ban the use of non-compete […]
Fi Rainbow Revolving Door

Coming Out at Work: The Closet with a Revolving Door

Let me ask you something – if you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community, how many times have you […]
Fi Black History Month

The Importance of Black History Month in the Workplace

In the US, February marks the start of Black History Month – which aims to recognize the achievements of Black Americans and […]
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