Fi Perfect Manager

Profile of a Perfect Leader

Overview: Leaders play a pivotal role in any organization, and can be the difference between a company that thrives and […]
Fi Learning At Work

Every Day is a School Day – Is Investing in Your Teams’ Learning and Development Really Worth It? 

Sitting in the middle of cost-of-living crisis, enduring its seemingly never-ending impact, business leaders know as well as anybody the […]
Fi Womens Health Week

Eradicating the Taboos of Women’s Health at Work

Women comprise half of the workforce, with totals of 74 million working women in the US last year, and over 15 million in […]
Fi Healthy Ego

Why Leaders Should Have a ‘Healthy Ego’

If you have ever worked with Maister, Green & Galford’s Trust Equation, you’ll know that perceived self-orientation (i.e. someone who comes […]
Fi What If

Unlocking the Power of “What If...?”

I’m sure that it would be no surprise to hear that many of us do not grow up to be […]
Fi Emma

How can Employers Support New Mothers Returning to Work?

At the beginning of February, I was fortunate enough to become the mother to a beautiful baby girl. Now, as […]
Fi Death At Work

How Should Organizations Respond to the Death of an Employee?

When an employee passes away, it is difficult to know what to do and how to respond – especially as […]
Fi Coaching Roi

Maximizing the Return on Your Investment in Executive Coaching

Coaching is a fantastic way to draw the potential out of leaders. It helps improve confidence, productivity, and is a […]
Fi 4 Day Week

Working Week = 4-days In The Office: Is this the ‘Great Resolution’ Employers have been Searching for?

A trial of the 4-day working week commenced last year in the UK, and 90% of participating businesses have opted to stick […]
Fi Time Off Work

Is There Such a Thing as Real ‘Time Off’ Work?

After recently examining the reality of unlimited paid time off (PTO), it got me thinking about the concept of ‘time off […]
Fi Quiet Promotion Danger

What do Employers Need to Know About Quiet Promotions?

If you haven’t come across the term ‘quiet promotion’, it references the practice of employees assuming the responsibilities of a […]
Fi Banter

The Shifting Boundaries of Workplace Banter

Positive workplace ‘banter’ is a good thing. Having a cohesive workforce and a strong workplace culture is something that all […]
Fi Generationalism

How to Secure a ‘Generational Dividend’ for Your Organization

We are all aware that each generation has been attributed macro characteristics – the Greatest Generation are ‘responsible and hard-working’, Baby Boomers […]
Fi Stress Management At Executive Level

Leveraging Stress in the C-Suite

Today’s economic and social climate plays a big role in perpetuating stress in the workplace. Executives who know how to […]
Fi Work Smarter

Is this the Age of Working Smart Over Working Hard?  

I have no doubt that most of us have come across the recent artificial intelligence (AI) phenomenon that is ChatGPT.   With […]
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