Fi Boomerang

Out With the Old, in With the Old: What Employers Need to Consider When Hiring a Boomerang Employee

Now, I’m sure we have all been guilty of talking to an ex before. The two of you have history, […]
Fi Dissent

Employers Should Be Encouraging Dissent, and Here’s Why

Dissent in the workplace is a delicate thing. Challenging the status quo can be seen as a rebellious and necessary […]
Fi 4 Hustle Vs Happiness

Hustle Vs. Happiness: Can Employees Have It All?

‘Hustle culture’ is a buzzword that’s become quite popular over the last year. With some dubbing it as ‘burnout culture’, […]
Fi 4 Ratatouille

Is the Key to Higher Engagement ‘Making Very Gooey Ratatouille’?

If you’re wondering what ratatouille has to do with employee engagement, here’s an alarming statistic … in their State of the […]
Fi No Shows

Interview No-Shows: How Employers Can Avoid Being Ghosted

There’s no sting quite like being stood up. After exchanging various messages, scheduling in a date, and rigorously readying yourself […]
Fi Mens Health Week

Eradicating the Taboos of Men’s Health at Work

After discussing the taboos of women’s health in the workplace for Women’s Health Week last month, I wanted to highlight the many […]
Fi Loneliness At Work

What Can Employers Do to Tackle Feelings of Loneliness?

When I left the corporate world and started my own HR Consultancy, I had to adjust from being part of […]
Fi 4 Working Carer

Working Carers: The Employees Who Live a Double Life

Many workers are leading a double life that employers may not even know about. Harvard Business School Professor Joseph Fuller […]
Fi 4 Ripple Effect

Navigating the Murky Waters of Layoffs and Their Ripple Effects

Looming fears of a recession, as well as the effects from record high inflation rates, have seen a surge in layoffs over the […]
Fi Pride Month

Celebrating Pride Month in the Workplace

With June comes the promise of sunshine (if you are situated over in the Northern hemisphere, that is), the longest […]
Fi Cfo Invest In Success

The Undeveloped CFO’s Key to Success

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) plays a pivotal role for their organization – they are typically seen as the second […]
Fi Memorial Day

How to Optimize Military Veterans Transitioning into the Corporate World

There are over 16 million Veterans in the US, as well as almost 2 million in the UK, and while many of […]
Fi Highly Sensitive People

Why Employers Should be Focusing on their Highly Sensitive People

A Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) is a neurodivergent individual who has been born with a genetic trait called Sensory Processing […]
Fi Perfect Manager

Profile of a Perfect Leader

Overview: Leaders play a pivotal role in any organization, and can be the difference between a company that thrives and […]
Fi Learning At Work

Every Day is a School Day – Is Investing in Your Teams’ Learning and Development Really Worth It? 

Sitting in the middle of cost-of-living crisis, enduring its seemingly never-ending impact, business leaders know as well as anybody the […]
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