Fi 1 Diversity 1

What Role can Diversity and Inclusion Play in Navigating the Current UK Climate?

Recently, Sue Johnson, Managing Partner for Inclusion & Diversity Consulting at Odgers Berndston, and OrgShakers’ Partner Therese Procter met to […]
Fi 1 Desk Bomb

What are Lockdown Legacy Behaviors?

Since being free of the pandemic’s grip, there has been a noticeable change in our approach to many things – […]
Fi 1 Incentive

Rewards Vs Punishments: Which Way Should Leaders Sway?

Optimizing the performance of teams and individuals is one of the biggest challenges any leader faces. And it comes down […]
Fi 1 Roadblocks 2

How to Overcome the Roadblocks of New Executive Integration: Part 2

To help mitigate the risks of executive derailment in the early stages of executive integration, there are four strategies we […]
Fi 1 Roadblocks

How to Overcome the Roadblocks of New Executive Integration: Part 1

Shortly after starting a new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) role, preceded by an impeccable 20-year career in finance, Peter was […]
Fi 1 Creative Remote Working

Shaking Things Up: Getting Creative with Remote Working

Remote work seems to be here to stay. And if that is the case, then so are the burgeoning social […]
Fi 1 Virtual Presenteeism

Virtual Presenteeism in the Metaverse

The mass adoption of remote and hybrid working has brought with it concerns around a loss of company culture, a […]
Fi 1 Time Flies

Time Flies: How Executives Can Get the Most out of their Minutes

As an executive or leader, time is the most valuable commodity, and yet it is in a fixed supply. While […]
Fi 1 Multigenerational

Benefits Through the Ages: What Each Generation Values Most

Benefit programs play a pivotal role in attracting and retaining talent – but how can you ensure that your benefits […]
Fi 1 Tightrope

Walking the Tightrope: How Can HR Find a Balance Between Employer and Employee Needs?

HR teams can find themselves in a crossfire between employer and employee. At first blush, the HR department recruits, enables, […]
Fi 1 World Menopause Day

Celebrating World Menopause Day in HR

I found myself smiling recently as my lovely mum, Nora – who is 84 – declared her absolute exasperation that […]
Fi 1 Power Skills

Are Power Skills the Key to Gen Z?

With a post-pandemic wellbeing mindset on the rise, as well as the influx of Generation Z into the workforce, many are […]
Fi 1 Brain Health 2

How to Maintain Brain Health to Support Mental Wellness: Part 2

5. Reduce anxiety Anxiety is known to be harmful to the brain, but how? Some anxiety is normal in us […]
Fi 1 Brain Health 1

How to Maintain Brain Health to Support Mental Wellness: Part 1

Whilst we may focus on maintaining the health of our bodies, we tend to pay less attention (if any) to […]
Fi Likeable Leaders

How to Be an Approachable Leader

“People leave managers, not companies,” is the mantra of Marcus Buckingham’s book on leadership[1]. And if I were to simplify […]
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