Fi Odgers Podcast

The Future of Leadership Interview #1

Here’s Part 1 of my recent Zoom interview with David Greenwood, Head of Digital and Consumer Practice MENA at Odgers […]
Fi Peasnell

Talking Talent – Podcast

Huge thanks to Robert Peasnell, Deputy Managing Director of PeopleScout UK, who invited me to share my thoughts on the […]
Fi Jacob Morgan

Optimism and The Future Leader

For his inspiring new book – The Future Leader – Jacob Morgan interviewed over 140 of the world's top CEOs […]
Fi Training Journal

Driving A Cultural Transformation

Employee wellbeing is rising up the corporate agenda and in this article I have written for Training Journal I explain […]
Fi Why We Hate Hr

15 years after ‘Why We Hate HR’

In 2005, Fast Company magazine published its infamous ‘Why We Hate HR’ article which stated that “the human-resources trade long […]
Fi Predicting The Future

Predicting the future of retention and engagement

Retention and Engagement will be key challenges for organisations in the month’s ahead. In my February 2015 HR Magazine column […]
Fi Lbf

Focus on the positive

It's all too easy in the current climate to focus on the negative. Here's a clip from a presentation I […]
Fi Piggy

Financial Wellbeing

Organisations need to think differently about the workplace experience they are creating for their employees - and one area which […]
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