Fi Accessibility

Why Fostering an Accessibility Mindset is Good for Business 

As they seek to broaden and mature their position on the diversity and inclusion agenda, most organizations agree that enhancing […]
Fi Quiet Firing

Quiet Firing: Don't Be So Quick to Burn Bridges

‘Quiet quitting’ has been a buzzword in the corporate world recently – staff members are taking back their personal lives […]
Fi Domestic Violence

The Diversity of Domestic Abuse: How to be Inclusive when Supporting Staff

Simon was 21 years old when he met his girlfriend, and their relationship quickly became serious; the pair had moved in […]
Fi Flexible Leaders

Better to Bend than Break: Why Leaders Should be Flexible to Change

The ability to be adaptable is becoming gold amongst leaders in the contemporary corporate world. A post-pandemic perspective has seen […]
Fi Quiet Quitting 1

The Rise of 'Quiet Quitting' and why it is a Misnomer

The recent rise of what is apparently called ‘quiet quitting’ has sparked the need for organizations to re-examine the modern […]
Fi Connecting Leaders

Management Training: Keeping Up with the Changing Workforce

It is no secret that the workforce is changing, and with these changes comes a sharper focus on attraction and retention […]
Fi Generation Z

In the war for talent, are Gen Z being overlooked?   

The war for talent has never been more intense. In many sectors, there are simply not enough workers to meet […]
Fi Quiet Leadership

Are you a 'Quiet Leader'?

Have you ever heard the phrase “quiet leaders”? This is a leadership style whose description may seem much more familiar […]
Fi Ceo Three 720x368

… And Three Things First-Time CEOs Should Do

Now that you have been introduced to what life as a first-time CEO has in store, here are three recommendations […]
Fi Ceo Eight 720x368

Eight Things Every First-Time CEO Should Hear…

If you are reading this, chances are you have encountered articles telling you that a good chief executive officer (CEO) […]
Fi Cost Of Living

How to Support Employee Wellbeing as a Small Business

With the cost of living continuing to rise, supporting the wellbeing of staff has been at the forefront of employers’ […]
Fi Great Rebirth Carpe Diem

Is this the ‘Great Rebirth’ of the workplace?

It started with the Great Resignation, shifted into the Great Reshuffle and now it is shaping up to be the […]
Fi Working Carers

Discussion: Making caring visible, valued, and supported

In June Carers Week 2022 published a report highlighting the challenges facing working carers in the UK. To discuss the implications for […]
Fi Metaverse

The Metaverse: A Whole New Working World?

Hybrid and remote working have become a post-pandemic norm, and have paved the way for an entirely new working environment […]
Fi Culture Fit

Why hiring for culture fit may not be the best way forward

“You will fit in perfectly here” is a phrase that many of us will be familiar with hearing after receiving […]
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